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EnergyWatch issue 75 – November 2015

EnergyWatch 75 was distributed to SEF members in November 2015. EnergyWatch 75 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • CCS is a vital contributor to achieving the <2°C target
  • The extent of CCS required
  • Status of CCS technology components
  • Potential for Very Deep Ocean Storage of CO2 off Indonesia – A Discussion Paper
  • The Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~573KB)

EnergyWatch issue 74 – September 2015

EnergyWatch 74 was distributed to SEF members in September 2015. EnergyWatch 74 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • SEF Submission on Climate Change Consultation
  • A briefing to MfE on a GHG emission reduction plan for New Zealand
  • The Green Party Emission Reduction Plan
  • SEF submission on proposed Canterbury Air Regional Plan (pCARP)
  • The on-going saga of the New Zealand Solar Hot Water Industry by Eric Jansseune
  • Greenhouse gas emission implications of switching from coal to gas as the NZ dry year backup electricity supply system
  • Neil's Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~1.05MB)

EnergyWatch issue 73 – June 2014

EnergyWatch 73 was distributed to SEF members in June 2014. EnergyWatch 73 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Obituaries
  • Failed crony capitalist electricity market
  • Tight electricity regulation is the only sensible option
  • Road Transport
  • Rail and Sea Transport
  • NZ’s emission trading scheme – fixing NS’s neutered carbon price
  • Proper support required for solar hot water heating
  • Regulators in denial of the existence of clean burning wood systems
  • Transition of the city – urban form metabolism product development and profit
  • The future role for smart grids and networks in our electricity system.
  • Drill Baby Drill! with light-handed regulation of oil and gas
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~446KB)

EnergyWatch issue 72 – March 2014

EnergyWatch 72 was distributed to SEF members in March 2014. EnergyWatch 72 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • A Bigger Picture Issue
  • Costs overshadow virtues of switching to solar
  • Rebuttal in defence of PV power
  • What price for PV surplus
  • A UK Perspective
  • Numbers from Germany
  • PV Power cost reduction



PDF (~365KB)

EnergyWatch issue 71 – February 2014

EnergyWatch 71 was distributed to SEF members in February 2014. EnergyWatch 71 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Seven Things Everyone Thinks They Know about Energy – that just ain't so.
  • More on peak oil
  • Some New Directions for Transport Policy
  • Seven linked articles by Kerry Wood
    1. For Starters
    2. RoNS and Rationality
    3. RoNS, WEBs and Agglomeration
    4. Better value than RoNS?
      1. 4.1: Cycle Provision
      2. 4.2: Clifford Bay and the Interislander
    5. Saving Rail
    6. A Shipping Revolution
    7. What Transport Policy?
  • Smart transport visions for Auckland and Wellington
  • Neil's Oil Price Chart



PDF (~778KB)

EnergyWatch issue 70 – November 2013

EnergyWatch 70 was distributed to SEF members in November 2013. EnergyWatch 70 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • SEF Seminar – August 2013
  • Turkey – Sustainable Energy Observations and some NZ Implications
  • Chinese Overtures to CCS
  • Regulatory Failures
  • Smarter Grid Solutions for Constrained Networks
  • The Importance of Methane
  • Transport Choices for Wellington
  • Will the "American Way of shale oil and gas" fundamentally change the energy sector
  • Neil's Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~638KB)

EnergyWatch issue 69 – June 2013

EnergyWatch 69 was distributed to SEF members in June 2013. EnergyWatch 69 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Opinion Compilation on the NZ Power idea
    • Bryan Leyland
    • Alastair Barnett
    • Murray Ellis
    • Stephan Heubeck
    • Hon Gareth Hughes MP
    • Dr Susan Krumdieck
    • Molly Melhuish
    • Robbie Morrison
    • Hon David Parker MP
    • Ken Piddington
    • David Reid
  • Emotions run high in Oz; Kristin Gillies
  • Can we make steel without coal? Jeanette Fitzsimons
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~416KB)

EnergyWatch issue 68 – March 2013

EnergyWatch 68 was distributed to SEF members in March 2013. EnergyWatch 68 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Kyoto – 20 years on
  • Another day, another nail (in coal’s coffin)
  • Petrobras pulls out of NZ
  • All that glitters is not gold
  • A tale of two energy visions
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Shale Gas
  • The PCE’s Fracking Report
  • Flares take shine off shale boom
  • Postscript
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~335KB)

EnergyWatch issue 67 – September 2012

EnergyWatch 67 was distributed to SEF members in September 2012. EnergyWatch 67 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Reality Check
  • Peaky Oil, Pricey Oil, Ports, RoNS, Rail and a Rethink
  • The Smelter – Risk? Opportunity? Or just Bluff
  • Observations of a Founder Member of the Sustainable Energy Forum
  • Meridian Metering Muddle
  • Solar Water Heating in Relation to Power and Energy
  • New Economic Report set to Ignite Debate about Lignite Alternatives
  • Lignite Mining in Lausitz
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~357KB)

EnergyWatch issue 66 – July 2012

EnergyWatch 66 was distributed to SEF members in July 2012. EnergyWatch 66 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • SEF AGM and Seminar
  • TIMEWISE – A demand management initiative
  • Governmentium
  • Bioenergy Association of New Zealand welcomes Pure Advantage’s report into New Zealand’s position in the green race
  • Battery swapping for EV infrastructure
  • Has Someone Stolen our power system?
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~361KB)

EnergyWatch issue 65 – April 2012

EnergyWatch 65 was distributed to SEF members in April 2012. EnergyWatch 65 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Can Partial Privatisation of Electricity Companies Improve the Sustainability of the Electricity System in NZ? – Member’s Views
    • Partial Privatisation and Energy Sustainability - An Answer to the Wrong Question
    • The Implications of Partial Asset Sales for Sustainable Energy in New Zealand
    • Sanity or Psychosis
  • News from Coal Action Network Aotearoa
  • Support Declining for Biofuels in New Zealand
  • What is in a Name?
  • Fracking 101. Where? Why? How? What? Who?
  • The Current of Marine Energy Activity Continues to Flow in NZ
  • Getting Bioeconomy Included within the Government’s Growth Agenda
  • Doubts over Future International Climate Change Negotiations
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~325KB)

EnergyWatch issue 64 – September 2011

EnergyWatch 64 was distributed to SEF members in January 2012. EnergyWatch 64 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Correspondence with the Minister of Transport
  • Underground Coal Gasification – Why bother?
  • Lignite briquettes will they hold together?
  • IPENZ – Realising our hidden treasure Responsible mineral and petroleum extraction?
  • ULTra Personal Rapid Transport System
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~450KB)

EnergyWatch issue 63 – September 2011

EnergyWatch 63 was distributed to SEF members in September 2011. EnergyWatch 63 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Migration of Hydrocarbons Underground
  • Fracking – a Tale of Gas, Greed and Global Warming
  • The Comparative Overall Greenhouse Footprints of Unnatural Gas and Coal
  • How Much Gas is Lost from Well to Customer?
  • Are We Entering the Golden Age of Gas?
  • Full Fuel Cycle Methodology
  • NZ Clean Energy Expo to Feature Public Workshop on Electric Vehicles
  • NZ Energy Strategy – Unleashing the Bioenergy Bonanza Offers NZ Inc. Huge Opportunities
  • Revised Energy Strategy Shows Government Running Scared on Lignite Mining Issue
  • PM Krumdieck Addresses the Nation
  • Climate Change, Energy and Resilience
  • Light Vehicle Trends
  • Rainbow Warrior 3
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~325KB)

EnergyWatch issue 62 – July 2011

EnergyWatch 62 was distributed to SEF members in July 2011. EnergyWatch 62 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • A 10-Year Moratorium on New Coal Mining Operations: Strategic Analysis Results
  • Southland Lignite Mining: Where things stand.
  • Small Lignite Briquetting Plant: CO2 Emissions
  • Budget Debate Response on Transport Issues
  • Perspectives of NZ From 2050
    • The Role of Coal in NZ in 2050 BAU
    • NZ in 2050 – A Radical Change
  • Petrobras Completes Raukumara Seismic Survey
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~265KB)

EnergyWatch issue 61 – April 2011

EnergyWatch 61 was distributed to SEF members in April 2011. EnergyWatch 61 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • An Energy Strategy that shows the Government’s true colours - Tim Jones
  • The IEA Score Card – Prof Ralph Sims
  • Expert Queries Tidal Turbines
  • Ammonia as an Engine Fuel
  • Sustainable Christchurch City – Dr Susan Krumdieck
  • Christchurch – Fire, Food and Flood - Nigel Williams
  • SEF perspectives on Christchurch
  • A Letter from Paris - Dr Nigel Jollands
  • Global Sale of New Light Vehicles - John Blakeley
  • FreeVee – The EV with the PV ? – Steve Goldthorpe
  • Whither railways?
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~287KB)

EnergyWatch issue 60 – February 2011

EnergyWatch 60 was distributed to SEF members on 28 February 2011. EnergyWatch 60 contents include:

  • Editorial
  • Solid Energy Releases Data on Greenhouse Footprint of making Diesel from Lignite
  • Motivating People on Climate Change – Is it a question of Values?
  • Are Hybrid Cars the Answer?
  • When is coal not coal? When it is lignite
  • Cancun Climate Conference Outcomes
  • Multi-metre SLR by 2100?
  • The Paradox of Energy Efficiency
  • Wild Energy Competition Outcomes
  • Viewpoint – Feed-In Tariffs
  • Price of Electricity
  • Uncertainty over Oil prices
  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
  • Price Variability between Sources of Oil
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PDF (~457KB)

EnergyWatch issue 59 – December 2010

EnergyWatch 59 was published in hard copy and was distributed to SEF members on 18 December 2010. EnergyWatch 59 contents include:

  • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
  • Can we afford fuel-efficient cars?
    • IEA World Energy Outlook
    • Comment from Ralph Sims
    • Keynote presentation
    • Perspectives on the Sign of Change e-conference
  • The “Wild Energy” Green Energy Design Competition
  • The small print
  • Join our Sustainable Energy News & Discussion Group!



PDF (~204KB)

EnergyWatch issue 58 – November 2010

EnergyWatch 58 contents include:

    • The next oil shock?
    • Analysing Impacts of Fuel Constraints on Freight Transport and Economy of NZ.
    • An Input-Output Analysis
    • How Secure is NZ’s Short Term Oil Supply?
    • Government Fuel Security Strategy
    • Have We Lost the Plot?
    • Give Forestry the Credit Industrial Allocation under ETS
    • Don Elder “Use Lignite to Reduce Carbon Emissions”
    • CO2 Emissions by Unconventional Liquid Fuel Sources
    • Feed-in Tariffs in NZ?
    • How fit are Feed-in Tariffs?
    • FiT for purpose in NZ?
    • Signs of Change e-conference notice
    • SEF AGM Outcomes
    • Launch of “Wild Energy” the Green Energy Design Competition
    • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
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PDF (~556KB)

EnergyWatch issue 57 – August 2010

EnergyWatch 57 articles include:

    • Changing the Guard
    • The Fledgling Forum Finally Flies
    • AGM and FiT seminar notice
    • Key Areas of Draft NZES
    • Draft NZEECS Targets
    • Green Party NZES Submission Guide
    • IPENZ: “90% renewables is not and never was a practical target” – A Critique
    • Response from IPENZ
    • Comment: Feed-In Tariff reductions in Europe to change solar PV market
    • A Feed-in Tariff System for New Zealand
    • Energy Storage Needs in NZ
    • Response from EC
    • Energy Storing Wind Dam or Flywheels?
    • The Draft NZES says:
    • Lloyds 360° Risk Insight
    • Response from MED
    • Cup Half Full?
    • Signs of Change conference notice
    • UCG – $22M for underground Coal Gas Plant in Waikato
    • Introducing your editor
    • SEF accounts FY 09-10
    • Neil’s Oil Price Chart
    • Join our Sustainable Energy News & Discussion Group!



PDF (~317KB)

EnergyWatch issue 56 – June 2010

EnergyWatch 56 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Uncertain Future of Electric Vehicles
    • Impetus for Climate Agreement Foundering?
    • And That’s It From Me
  • SEF Feedback
    • From the Convenor
    • Letter to the Editor
    • Electric Vehicles Seminar Papers
    • Signs of Change National Conference
  • Climate Change / Global Warming
    • Emissions Trading About to Cause Price Rises
    • Copenhagen Agreement is Not Effective
    • Climate Change Findings Questioned
    • Canada Way Off its Kyoto Target
    • ETS Affects Electricity Prices
  • Energy Statistics
    • Five Year High for Renewable Energy
    • Highlights from NZ Energy Quarterly
  • Fuels
    • Oil Prices Steady in 2010
    • Future Predictions
    • Oil Demand Forecast Decreases
    • Iraq to Boost Oil Output
    • PM Opens Kupe Facility
    • Maari Oil Field Celebrates First Year
    • Electric Cars Reduce Oil Demand
  • Vehicles
    • Sales of New Cars and Imports Recover
    • US Tightens Fuel Consumption Rules
    • US Car Sales Expected to Increase
    • Hydrogen Car Progress Slows
    • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Progress
    • Pessimism on Electric Vehicles
    • Sporting Hybrid – Electric Vehicles
    • Chinese Mini Electric Vehicle
    • New Hybrid Toyota Camry



PDF (~317KB)

EnergyWatch issue 55 – December 2009

EnergyWatch 55 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Demand Side Management is Essential
    • A "Watered Down" ETS
    • And What About "Peak Oil"?
    • Obituary: Dr Peter Read
  • SEF Feedback
    • From Paris With Love
    • Calls for a Transprt Policy Rethink
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Government Quietly Axes NEECS
    • Streetlight Power Savings
  • Electricity Matters
    • Upper South Island Load Control Project
    • Consent Rejected for Project Hayes
    • Market Fails to Deliver
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • Copenhagen Decision is Vital
    • Copenhagen's Inconvenient Truth
    • Nicholas Stern on Copenhagen
    • Greenhouse Emissions Decline in Wake of Recession
  • Fuels
    • Will Hydrogen Remain a "Future Fuel"?
    • Crude Oil Prices
    • Opec Keeps Crude Oil Flowing
    • Oil Demand Increasing Again
    • IEA World Energy Outlook
    • Oil Figures Distorted by US Pressure?
  • Vehicles/Transport
    • Will Hybrids or Electric Cars Save the Environment?
    • Buyers Move to Smaller Cars
    • NZ New Vehicle Sales Fall
    • NZ Drivers not so Green



PDF (~893KB)

EnergyWatch issue 54 – August 2009

EnergyWatch 54 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • What's Happening with Wolak?
    • What's Happening to the Oil Price?
    • Are Petrol Hybrids Cost-Efficient?
  • SEF Feedback
    • Letter to the Editor
    • Road User Charges Submission
    • Moratorium on Smart Meters
    • SEF Seminar and AGM 2009
  • Electricity Matters
    • Another Electricity Pricing Rort
    • Transpower Upgrade Programme
    • Millions Wasted on Publicity
    • Money Wasted on Sponsorships?
    • Thermal Flexibility Needed
    • New Compressor for the Ahuroa Field
    • Future of Reserve Generation
    • Huntly Power Station's Future
    • Ministerial Review of Electricity Sector
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • Consultation Meetings on Emissions Target
    • Minister on Television
    • Difficult Road to Copenhagen
    • No Ratifiable Treaty at Copenhagen
    • China/India Pressured to Reduce Emissions
    • ETS Delay for Stationary Energy
  • Fuels
    • New Plymouth LNG Terminal Cancelled?
    • Economic Recovery Closely Linked to Oil Price
    • Higher Prices Needed for Oil Investment
    • Oil Price Must Stay Above US$60
    • Kupe Commissioning by December
    • Thirty Years of Maui Gas
  • Vehicles
    • NZ Car Fleet Gets Older
    • Can General Motors Survive?
    • European Car Sales Figures Improve
    • Rush to Introduce Plug-In Electric Cars
    • Electric Cars in NZ by 2012
    • Limited Market for Petrol-Electric Hybrids
    • New Hybrid Models



PDF (~766KB)

EnergyWatch issue 53 – June 2009

EnergyWatch 53 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Is Emissions Trading the Answer?
    • ETS Will Not Reduce Electricity Consumption?
  • SEF Feedback
    • Letter to the Editor
    • Indications of Government Resources Policies
    • Peak Everything?
  • Oral Presentation to ETS Select Committee
    • Written Notes
    • Transcript
  • Electricity Matters
    • Electricity Commission Approves NAaN Project
    • NZ's Maximum Electricity Output
    • Contact Slows New Electricity Generation
    • Wolak Report Finally Released
    • TrustPower to Ignore Brownlee Edict?
    • What Happens Next with Wolak?
    • Alternatives to the Market?
    • A Cardy Wearer Replies
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • AA Surveys its Members on the ETS
    • Long-Term Future Looks Bleak?
    • Post-Kyoto Climate Change Agreement is Difficult
    • Climate Change Threatens Asia's Growth?
    • US Climate Bill Progresses
    • US Emissions Reduction
    • Preparing NZ for Climate Change
  • Fuels
    • Has Oil Already Peaked?
    • Oil Price Rising Again
    • Offshore Oil Fields Help Govt Accounts
    • Obama's Toughest Challenge?
    • Budget Boost for Biodiesel
    • Biofuels Subsidy to Foreign Farmers?
  • Vehicles
    • Hydrogen Versus Battery Electric Vehicles
    • Obama Requires More Fuel-Efficient Cars
    • World Uptake of Electric Vehicles



PDF (~917KB)

EnergyWatch issue 52 – April 2009

EnergyWatch 52 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Limiting Carbon Dioxide Emissions
    • Security of Electricity Supply
    • Auckland Needs World Class Energy Supply
    • Proposed Conference
  • SEF Feedback
    • The Die is Cast
    • A Cry from the Heart
    • SEF Briefing to the Incoming Government
    • SEF Press Statement on Transport Alternatives
  • Electricity Matters
    • "Bombshell" to Hit Generators
    • Continuing Saga of Power Price Rises
    • NZ Renewable Energy Generation
    • Whirinaki in the Wrong Place
    • Consent for Mill Creek Wind Farm
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • ETS Submission Exerpts
    • Australia Faces Emissions Cut
    • A Middle Ground on Climate Change?
    • Poznan Conference Outcomes
    • Climate Change and Economic Recession
    • Commission Warns "Carbon Cowboys"
    • West Blamed for China's Emissions
    • Climate Change News Snippets
  • Vehicles
    • Electric Car Progress...
    • ...And the Plug-In Hybrid
    • New GM Battery Plant
    • Calamity for Plug-In Cars?
    • Hydrogen Cars – A "Hollywood Folly"?
    • Hybrid Car Sales Plummet in US
  • Fuels
    • World Oil Demand Falls
    • Oil Price Falls Below US$45
    • Oil and Gas in NZ Still Buoyant
    • Mangahewa Shows Promise



PDF (~721KB)

EnergyWatch issue 51 – December 2008

EnergyWatch 51 articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Power Price Inquiries
    • A Shower for Nanny State
    • US Worries About Energy Security
    • Letter to the Editor
  • SEF Seminar Report
    • "Making Household Energy More Sustainable"
  • Transport Matters
    • Carpark Firm Lowers Prices
  • Electricity Matters
    • Thermal Ban to Go?
    • Wind Dominates New Generation
    • Contact Hikes Power Prices
    • Belmont Wind Farm Halted
  • Fuels
    • Hydrogen is Not Realistic?
    • Oil Demand Growth Forecast Reduced
    • World Economy Affects Oil Prices
    • Oil Heading Back to US$50 per Barrel?
    • Oil Bubble Has Burst
    • NZ's Coal Reserves Overstated
  • Biofuels
    • Biofuels Denigrated by Lobby Groups
    • SEF News Discussion
    • Palm Oil is Not the Villain?
    • New Biofuel Law
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • New Government to Revamp ETS?
    • Government Under-Estimates Kyoto Liability
    • Minister Replies to Question
    • Economic Recession and the Environment
    • Can Carbon Trading Save the World?
    • China's Emissions to Skyrocket?
    • Latest NZ Emissions Figures
    • NZ Among Big Polluters



PDF (~656KB)

EnergyWatch issue 50 – September 2008

EnergyWatch 50 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Three Inconvenient Truths
    • ESR/SEF Conference Outcomes
    • Letter to the Editor
    • Comment From SEF Member
  • SEF Press Statements
    • Obsession With Roads Leads Transport Policies Astray
    • Government Confused Over Transport
  • Electricity Matters
    • A Period of Consequences
    • Hydro Storage Now More Comfortable?
    • Kawerau Geothermal Plant Comes on Stream
    • South Island Grid "Won't Cope"
    • National Announces its Energy Policy
    • And the Government Responds
    • And the Green Party Responds
  • Fuels
    • Over a Barrel – A New Vision Needed
    • Global Oil Supply and Demand are Finely Balanced
    • Increasing Demand Fuels Rising Oil Prices
    • Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
    • Pohokura Reserves Higher
    • Tui Performs Strongly
    • Latest EDF Reserves Figures
  • Biofuels
    • Full of Promise or Fantasy?
    • Biofuel Company Quits New Zealand
    • Bus Company Quits Biofuel Trial
    • Huge Bio-Ethanol Potential
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • ETS Bill in Doubt?
    • National Under Pressure on ETS
    • Government Faces Bill of Up To $2Million
    • California to Sue



PDF (~986KB)

EnergyWatch issue 49 – July 2008

EnergyWatch 49 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Liability Estimate Keeps Changing (on NZ's financial obligations under Kyoto up to 2012)
    • ETS Increasingly Lopsided
  • Electricity Matters
    • Electricity Price Gouging Must Cease
    • $7 Billion Overpaid by Electricity Consumers?
    • Electricity Market to be Modified?
    • Whirinaki Indicates High Power Prices
    • Power Price Rises by Winter's End?
    • Rural Power Supply to Continue
    • Smaller and Smarter Wind Energy
  • Electric Vehicles/Biofuels
    • EECA Electric Vehicles and Biofuels Conference 2008
    • Electric Scooter for Commuters
  • Fuels
    • A Twelve Step Plan
    • Oil Supply/Demand Finely Balanced
    • Oil Price Milestone
    • Gas Galore?
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • Progress(?) Since Bali
    • International Agreement Remains Difficult
    • Methane's Impact May be Downgraded?
    • Carbon Dioxide is not Carbon
    • ETS Bill Running Out of Time
    • ETS Revenue Beyond 2012
    • UN Climate Change Programme Wastes Billions
    • NZ's Emissions Continue to Rise
    • What is the NZ Price of Carbon?
    • Sustainability Council Report
    • The Coming Carbon Crunch



PDF (~803KB)

EnergyWatch issue 48 – May 2008

EnergyWatch 48 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Biofuels Sales Obligation in Disarray
    • Changing Our Ways? – the initially deleted chapter in an environment report
  • Overseas News Items
    • Future Energy/Oil Wars?
    • Report Says Biofuels are Unsustainable
    • CCS Technology Not Viable?
  • Coal Matters
    • Solid Energy Reports a Loss
    • Huntly Reduces Coal Use (for the December quarter)
    • How Much Coal is Really Out There?
    • NZBCSD Opposes Green Party Views (on coal)
    • Green Party Modifies its Stand?
  • Electricity Matters
    • Huntly – Another 20 Years (of life)?
    • Statement on Electricity Governance
    • Statement on Electricity Transmission
    • Wind Power Backup in NZ, and Wind Power Overseas
    • Govt Rejects Power Price Forecast
    • National Opposes New Thermal Generation Ban, and Todd Energy Criticises Ban
  • Biofuels Sales Obligation
    • The SEF Submission
    • Biofuels Manufacturers' Comments, and Oil Companies' Comments
    • Comments From the AA, and Tests on Potential Vehicle Damage (from Biofuels)
    • Submission from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Green Party's Response
  • Vehicles
    • Emissions Penalty for V8 Engines? – on two of NZ's most popular cars
    • New EU Emissions Regime and New NZ Emissions Policy
    • Petrol Prices Impact US Car Sales, and American Cars need to Downsize
    • US Car Purchasers Reluctant to Buy Diesel



PDF (~842KB)

EnergyWatch issue 47 – February 2008

EnergyWatch 47 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Editorial noting that the targets which the NZ Government hopes to achieve through its proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are unclear.
    • Editorial on the rethink within the European Union (EU) which is now taking place on its target for the percentage of biofuels to replace fossil fuels by 2010, which failed to see the adverse effects on the environment it might cause.
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • More on the NZ Government's ETS proposals
    • An article on the likely actual cost of carbon credits to be purchased under the ETS. The NZ Government originally said that it was likely that these could be purchased for around NZ$15 per tonne.
    • Recent newspaper comments on whether or not the world is actually warming at present.
  • Biofuels
    • Further comment on the EU having second thoughts about its policy aimed at stimulating the production of biofuels for use within the EU, because of the adverse environmental impacts which are occurring.
    • Correspondence with the Minister of Energy regarding the proposed Biofuels Sales Obligation in NZ, commencing in 2008.
  • Peak Oil
    • An article noting that Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer, now predicts that demand for oil and gas will outstrip supply within seven years (ie around 2015).
    • An article relating rising oil prices to Peak Oil. It appears that oil producers will be straining to increase oil production this year, and it is doubtful if they will be able to meet the projected figure now suggested by the IEA of 87.8 million barrels per day (bpd) required by the end of 2008. This is 2.1 million bpd higher than the average figure in 2007.



PDF (~481KB)

EnergyWatch issue 46 – December 2007

EnergyWatch 46 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Editorial on "Peak Oil – An Important Issue?"
    • An abridged version of Tim Jones' recent article on "The Future of Oil"
    • An item on "Government Limousine Purchase Decision"
  • Contribution from SEF Members
    • A report by SEF members Stephan Heubeck and Steve Goldthorpe on projects under Germany's guaranteed feed-in electricity tariffs for renewable energy
  • Peak Oil
    • An article by Tim Jones on "NZES Looks the Other Way" in denying the importance of the forthcoming peak in world oil production
    • A summary of the findings of the 200 page report of the Australian Senate Inquiry, dated February 2007
    • An item on "Oil Price Rise to US$150/Barrel?" and a brief review of the film "A Crude Awakening"
  • Vehicles
    • An item on "Is Congestion a Tool?" to encourage non-car travel
    • An item on hybrids being less suitable for larger vehicles than diesel
    • An item on the Government's new rules on vehicle emissions controls
  • Fuels
    • An item on more Maui gas contracted commitments, bringing the likely total of gas to be extracted from the field up to 95% of the original contract amount
    • An item on the offshore Tui oil field (in Taranaki) already having a significant impact on NZ's balance of payments




PDF (~565KB)

EnergyWatch issue 45 – August 2007

EnergyWatch 45 major articles include:

  • Editorial Comment
    • Editorial on "A Conservation Ethic is Essential"
    • Comment on "Was Malthus Correct After All?"
  • SEF Submission on the Draft NZ Energy Strategy
    • Preamble plus Executive Summary
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • "Exaggeration of Climate Change Predictions?"
    • Comment on "Are Carbon Credits Like Buying Indulgences?"
    • A summary of Kyoto Protocol Issues
    • Carbon Trading
    • Carbon Neutrality/Carbon Credits
    • Reducing Agricultural Emissions
  • Electricity Matters
    • Electricity Market Review
    • Record NZ Electricity Demand
    • Huntly e3p Enters Electricity Market
    • Contact to Spend $3 Billion on Renewables
    • Wind Power issues
    • Smart Meters
    • Demand Side Participation Trial




PDF (~500KB)

EnergyWatch issue 44 – April 2007

EnergyWatch 44 major articles include:

  • Editorial
    • Editorial on "Transport Energy – Questions of Scale"
    • Comment on the Prime Minister's 13 February speech on "Carbon Neutrality Being an Aspirational Goal"
  • Seminar Summary
    • Summary of the SEF/EFNZ 16 February Seminar on "Government Energy and Climate Change Policies", including perceived gaps in the policy documents.
  • Vehicles and Fuels
    • A variety of news items, including a statement from the President of Honda that a next-generation hydrogen-powered fuel cell car affordable for some people might be on the market by about 2018.
  • Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future – Summary of a panel discussion on the above topic chaired by Chris
    Laidlaw, broadcast on National Radio on Sunday 26 November 2006.
  • Electricity Matters
    • Three brief news items, including information from Statistics New Zealand that New Zealand's total electricity generation during the 2006 calendar year was up by 1.6% compared with the 2005 year.




PDF (~386KB)

EnergyWatch issue 43 – February 2007

EnergyWatch 43 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "Biofuels, Hydrogen, or Batteries?"
  • Demand Side Management and Smart Meters
    • including comment on how individual electricity consumers and the country might benefit from the widespread application of smart meters to monitor household electricity use.
  • Government Energy Policy
    • including the release of both the draft NZ Energy Strategy and the draft NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • including comment on what "carbon neutral" means, and does it include methane emissions?
  • Fuel Availability and Cost
    • including comment on the increasing dependence of both the USA and the EU on importing oil (and gas into Europe), and an article questioning the viability of growing crops to produce biofuels.
  • Electric Cars
    • including brief comment on General Motor's new prototype plug-in hybrid car.




PDF (~317KB)

EnergyWatch issue 42 – December 2006

EnergyWatch 42 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "Lignites or LNG?"
  • The NZ Electricity System
    • including tables of NZ wind farms currently in operation, and in the consents process or under construction.
  • Liquid Fuels From Southern Lignites
    • including an article from Steve Goldthorpe on "Greenhouse Gas Consequences of Fossil-derived Transport Fuels"
  • Fuel Availability and Cost
    • including articles on the vulnerability of US oil supplies, and understanding the falling oil price.
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • including comments on the recently-released Stern Report.




PDF (~305KB)

EnergyWatch issue 41 – September 2006

EnergyWatch 41 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "Why do Electricity Prices Keep Rising?"
  • Summary of SEF Meetings with Politicians.
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
    • including a film review of "An Inconvenient Truth"
  • NZ's Natural Gas Reserves
    • including a graph showing a sharp falling off after 2015
  • NZ Electricity Issues
    • especially national grid security and the proposed 400kV transmission line
  • Southland's Coal Potential
    • especially the greenhouse gas implications




PDF (~509KB)

EnergyWatch issue 40 – April 2006

EnergyWatch 40 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "Countries Realise Their Energy Vulnerability"
  • Global Warming/Climate Change
  • Roles of the Electricity Commission
  • Winter Electricity Shortages
  • The NZ Electricity System
  • Energy From Southland's Lignites




PDF (~359KB)

EnergyWatch issue 39 – January 2006

EnergyWatch 39 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "Where is the Leadership?"
  • Letter to the Editor (on hybrid cars)
  • Peak Oil
  • Energy Conservation
  • Car Sales/Production
  • NZ Energy Futures




PDF (~346KB)

EnergyWatch issue 38 – November 2005

EnergyWatch 38 major articles include:

  • Editorial on "In This issue"
  • Alternatives to a 400kV Transmission Line (into Auckland)
  • Peak Oil/Energy Conservation
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
  • Petrol-Electric Hybrids/High Efficiency Diesels
  • Other News (including Labour-Greens Agreement)




PDF (~310KB)

EnergyWatch issue 37 – August 2005

EnergyWatch 37 major articles include:

  • Kyoto Alternative is a “Claytons” Agreement
  • Feature on Peak Oil and the New Zealand response
  • SEF & NZPVA Politician Responses on Sustainability Energy
  • EFNZ Energy Policy Forum Notes
  • Politicians Dialogue on Sustainability




PDF (~441KB)

EnergyWatch issue 36 – March 2005

  • Opinion: In the danger zone
  • First political commitment to Peak Oil
  • The long emergency Jim Kunstler
         The political history and a US scenario for Peak Oil.
  • Electricity and sustainability; making the best of what we have SEF News
  • More work needed on energy efficiency
         EECA's second NEECS results report.
  • Critics challenge White House 'Clear Skies' proposal Roddy Scheer
         Bush’s clean air proposals may make things worse.
  • The Centameter Kerry Wood
          Real-time readout of domestic electricity use.
  • Temperatures may rise by 1.9-11°C
  • Meeting the climate change challenge Michael McCarthy
         The time for action is now, says a top-level report.
  • Opinion: Don’t push Bush on Kyoto Tom Burke
  • Why the sun seems to be ‘dimming’ David Sington, BBC
  • Roads gone wild Tom McNichol
          Everything that is dangerous is safe, and everything that is safe is dangerous.
  • Opinion: How green are trolley buses?
  • Opinion: How like a trolley bus is an aluminium smelter?
         Two musings from SEF News on the ‘carbon content’ of electricity
  • Prime Minister opens Te Apiti
  • A 'standard' solar house Heather & Kerry Wood
         The Powered Living solar house design
  • The sustainable energy imperatives John Blakeley
         From the Energy Federation of NZ 2004 Conference
  • The Kyoto Protocol: in force from 16 February
  • Bathtubs and hockey sticks

and more...




PDF (~224KB)


EnergyWatch issue 35 – December 2004

  • Opinion: How do we reach a sustainable energy future?
  • Liquified Natural Gas Kerry Wood
         What is it? Is it safe? Do we want it? Can we afford it?
  • The case for renewable generation Dr Keith Turner
  • Russia ratifies
  • Wining the oil endgame RMI
  • The Windflow 500 kW wind turbine
         Apart from having two blades, what is different about it?
  • More on oil supply limits Zittel & Schindler




PDF (~258KB)

EnergyWatch issue 34 – September 2004

  • Opinion: Who hath measured the ground?
          Private funding of public infrastructure
  • Maui update John Blakeley, Steve Goldthorpe and Kerry Wood
         More gas and a longer life, at a price
  • A sound solution for Windflow
    A wind turbine noise problem solved
  • Sorting the muck from the brass
    Energy efficiency in the milking shed




PDF (~300KB)

EnergyWatch issue 33 – June 2004

  • Oil supply limits Kerry Wood
  • Wind energy growth in the OECD — and NZ Dr Ivan Petroff
  • The nuclear option
  • Dirty and not-so-dirty diesels Kerry Wood




PDF (~264KB)

EnergyWatch issue 32 – March 2004

  • Opinion: Why do we want an electricity market?
  • Matching the wind and hydro resources
  • Offshore wind farm potential Kerry Wood
  • Storm in a bathtub
         A crude but well-funded attempt to discredit climate change
  • The hydrogen economy Steve Goldthorpe
  • The developing market for energy efficiency in NZ ECNZ (1992)



PDF (~255KB)

EnergyWatch issue 31 – December 2003

  • Opinion: Implementing sustainable energy targets in NZ John Blakeley
  • London’s congestion charge – 6 months on
  • Eating fossil fuels Dale Allen Pfeiffer
  • Large or small scale? Supply or demand sides?
         A thought experiment




PDF (~231KB)

EnergyWatch issue 30 – September 2003

  • Opinion: More on Peak Oil
  • Behind the blackout An interview with energy banker Matthew Simmons
  • Towering design flaws Amory Lovins
         The US power blackout
  • SEF submission to the Commerce Committee’s inquiry into the NZ electricity industry John Blakeley, Steve Goldthorpe & Molly Melhuish
  • ASPO sees oil peaking by 2010 Doris Leblond




PDF (~369KB)

EnergyWatch issue 29 – July 2003

  • Opinion: Peak Oil: government action please
  • More on Maui John Blakeley, Steve Goldthorpe and Kerry Wood
         There is no ‘missing gas’
  • Sustainable energy development for NZ
         Converting a power crisis into an opportunity
  • The market must be the servant of the electricity industry, not its master Steve Goldthorpe
  • Peak Oil Kerry Wood
         World-wide oil production may peak soon




PDF (~287KB)

EnergyWatch issue 28 – March 2003

  • Opinion: Time for an energy policy
  • The story of Maui John Blakeley, Steve Goldthorpe and Kerry Wood
         Why are we suddenly running short?
  • In hot water
         Which is the best system ‘all depends’
  • London introduces congestion charging Kerry Wood




PDF (~236KB)

EnergyWatch issue 27 – December 2002

  • NZ Energy Conference Summary. An abstracted version of Morgan Williams’ summing up.
  • Efficient reliability – The critical role of demand-side resources in power systems and markets by Richard Cowart (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners).
  • Opinion – Governance, sustainability and barrier busting.




PDF (~180KB)

EnergyWatch issue 26 – October 2002

  • After the Energy Conference: Where to now? Editorial.
  • Something is very wrong with New Zealand’s electricity market by Molly Melhuish.
  • Bringing Road and Rail into Balance by Kerry Wood.




PDF (~214KB)

EnergyWatch issue 25 – July 2002

  • Implications of the Winter Electricity Crisis by Bryan Leyland, FIPENZ, Principal, Sinclair Knight Merz.
  • Opinion – A Resource Left In The Ground Has No Value.
  • Private sector funding and toll roads better option than higher petrol taxes? by Kerry Wood.
  • World Renewable Energy Policy and Strategy Forum by Robbie Morrison, Berlin.





PDF (~217KB)

EnergyWatch issue 24 – May 2002

  • A Glass Half-Full by Steve Goldthorpe
  • The proposed renewable energy targets by Kerry Wood
  • Are NZ’s energy policies contributing to sustainable development? by Molly Melhuish
    A report for Helio International
  • Vehicle pollution kills 400 a year in NZ – Ministry of Transport



PDF (~207KB)

EnergyWatch issue 23 – March 2002

  • Obituary: Dr Colin Wells, 1961–2001
  • Monitor: World oil reserves and consumption



PDF (~213KB)

EnergyWatch issue 22 – December 2001

  • Responding to climate change Pete Hodgson
  • The high, hidden cost of Saudi oil NY Times
  • Avoiding carbon emissions through technological solutions Ralph Sims



PDF (~203KB)

EnergyWatch issue 21 – September 2001

  • Carbon sinks ‘little help to climate’ BBC
  • Kiwis’ knowledge of climate change ‘only moderate’ NZ govt
  • Biodiesel’s potential Ralph Sims
  • Contraction and convergence



PDF (~191KB)

EnergyWatch issue 20 – June 2001

  • Why the Bush oil (energy) policy will fail Cleveland & Kaufman
    The myths that underpin policy
  • Morning in America: More myths
  • The energy crisis in California and nearer home EMA
  • Clean coal Steve Goldthorpe
  • Quote of the year USGS



PDF (~259KB)

EnergyWatch issue 19 – May 2001

  • Four more pieces of the global warming jigsaw — and a confirmation
  • From the drizzle of new research results



PDF (~193KB)

EnergyWatch issue 18 – March 2001

  • Carbon Sinks and Cycles Kerry Wood
  • IPCC third assessment report IPCC
  • Think big? Think again! Think hydrogen Ken Piddington



PDF (~183KB)

EnergyWatch issue 17 – December 2000

  • Future Directions for SEF John Blakeley
  • The Power Package Pete Hodgson
    Implications For The Electricity Network Industry
  • No point in waiting around for leadership Donella H Meadows



PDF (~194KB)

EnergyWatch issue 16 – September 2000

  • Opinion: What if? Ken Piddington
  • Amory Lovins on markets
  • The government’s transport strategy (with comments)



PDF (~202KB)

EnergyWatch issue 15 – July 2000

  • New Directions for New Zealand Helen Clark
  • The Task Ahead Molly Melhuish



PDF (~186KB)

EnergyWatch issue 14 – June 2000

  • What is happening to oil prices? Kerry Wood
    EnergyWatch’s first mention of peak oil
  • Monitor: Transport fuel use in NZ: a summary and guide to statistics Kerry Wood
    Note that an error in the original article has been corrected; a barrel is 159 litres not 220L
  • Stabilising the global climate Lester Brown, Worldwatch Institute



PDF (~290KB)

EnergyWatch issue 13 – April 2000

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.41MB)

EnergyWatch issue 12 – December 1999

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.56MB)

EnergyWatch issue 11 – October 1999

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~979KB)

EnergyWatch issue 10 – May 1999

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.22MB)

EnergyWatch issue 9 – February 1999

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~963KB)

EnergyWatch issue 8 – December 1997

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.15MB)

EnergyWatch issue 7 – August 1997

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~645KB)

EnergyWatch issue 6 – September 1996

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~8.19MB)

EnergyWatch issue 5 – June 1996

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~924KB)

EnergyWatch issue 4 – February 1996

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~712KB)

EnergyWatch issue 3 – December 1995

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~856KB)

EnergyWatch issue 2 – October 1995

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.22MB)

EnergyWatch issue 1 – July 1995

  • Contents coming soon.



PDF (~1.00MB)

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